Free help for Parents from Cross Computers

Bark Jr. From Cross Computers

Free help for Parents from Cross Computers

We are very excited to offer free parental controls software to our customers (and all parents) to protect our children. Parental controls can help with monitor text, searches, etc. for keywords that may lead to other much more serious issues while respecting your child’s privacy. As a busy father of twins, I understand completely how difficult it is to keep up on all the technology and apps. Everything is changing every day so what is best option to help prevent suicides, school violence, bullying, pornography and racism? Prayer, knowledge, and control are the best options in our opinion. While the first option is not in our control, we can help with the other two at no cost to your family for Bark Jr. (typically $5 per month). If you want more advanced options, we can also offer Bark Premium at a discounted price.

In partnership with parents and schools:

5.9 million children protected.

394 thousand severe self-harm situations detected.

2.4 million severe bullying situations detected.

The Best Comprehensive Parental Control Tool for Families

As a busy parent, reading every text message, post, and email just isn’t realistic.

Instead, Bark was created by parents, for parents to offer a better, easier, and more effective way to keep children safe online.

Created in collaboration with child psychologists, youth advisors, digital media experts, and law enforcement professionals, Bark delivers a research-backed, kid-friendly solution for safeguarding families as technology changes how and where we communicate.

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After signing up for a free account (save $5/month), you can upgrade at any time to Bark premium for only $11.20 (20% saving over the retail cost of $14.00)

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