Adding user security options (SMS/text) to Microsoft Office 365 for password recovery

Microsoft allows users to perform password recovery if multi-factor authentication is enabled. Microsoft requires 2 methods to confirm identity. We have provided both SMS (text) and email as documented methods. This article describes SMS (article detailing email method is located here)

To set up text messages

  1. Sign in to your work or school account and then go to your page.My Profile page, showing highlighted Security info links
  2. Select Security info from the left navigation pane or from the link in the Security info block, and then select Add method from the Security info page.Security info page with highlighted Add method option
  3. On the Add a method page, select Phone from the drop-down list, and then select Add.Add method box, with Phone selected
  4. On the Phone page, type the phone number for your mobile device, choose Text me a code, and then select Next.Screenshot that shows the "Phone" page, with "Text me a code" selected.
  5. Type the code sent to you through text message to your mobile device, and then select Next.Add phone number and choose text messages

    The page changes to show your success. Your security info is updated and you can use text messaging to verify your identity when using two-step verification or password reset.