Always watching for scammers….

Check out this email scam I received. Scammers are making fewer mistakes but if you know what to look for — might save your company  from huge mistake.

Address is correct
Google maps pic looks like business center
phone is correct area code
fax is 800 number like big corporations have
so what is wrong —
Broken English (translation is usually off)  “Looking forward to read back ASAP”
says Dear Sales,
dead giveaway is usually misspelling “Western Didital”
Did not capitalize last name
while 312 is Illinois area code…website does not list that number

final clue was domain name in company email has one extra letter…but very close.

Just be careful — in 18 years I have never received a huge $$ order from a unknown email.


Dear Sales,

We are looking to purchase the below hard drives, and i would like to have a unit pricing on each you can supply or source for:

– 50Pcs Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

– 50Pcs Western Didital 2TB My Passport Slim Portable HDD

Let me know the total cost and availability of the items. Also, payment would be NET-30 TERM, We can also forward our company credit information and any other documents you may require for the net30 order.

Looking forward to read back ASAP.

With kind Regards,

Scott st clair
Account Manager

Midwest Engine Warehouse
700 Enterprise Street
Aurora, IL 60504-8148
Phone: 312-585-7940
Fax: 800-833-1990