Bark account initial setup

First, click on “Set up my account” in the welcome email.

Create a password for your account.

Complete the concern issues list.

Complete the child profile information (all protected and private).

Then, add as many kids are you want to protect.

Select all devices that your children use.

Close the advertisement.

Next, open and follow the steps to complete a profile for each child and set up rules. Install the software on each of the child’s devices (step-by-step instructions are available for each type of device you selected in the previous step). Please see our additional articles concerning web filtering and screen time at

Finally, install the parent app and pick who you want to receive notifications concerning bullying, sexting, gun violence, etc. We will be glad to assist if you have any questions or problems. Below is an example of a notification email you will receive. You will follow the links in this email to see full details.