Benefits of new support ticket system at Cross Computers

While organization and management of computer problems is our specialty, we always try to use advanced software and techniques to make the entire process more efficient and productive. So, besides the obvious core benefit (ease of use for the customer), there are several other benefits:

  1. Each company can control which employees can submit tickets for help, therefore helping each customer with the management of support and IT budgets.
  2. We can provide each customer with detailed billing. We plan to include support ticket numbers on each invoice, so it is clearly documented who requested the work and what service was performed. If there is ever a question or problem, we can access the support ticket, including dates, times, and transcript of the entire service call.
  3. Cross Computers will attach tickets to specific computers in our management system so we will have detailed service records for the entire lifespan of the computer.
  4. Cross Computers will have access to past support tickets to research failures, patterns, or warranty issues.