Billing Questions – Domain Names

Domain names are the “real names” that translate to internet servers. Our domain name is (where the website is located).
Your company can have one or thousands of domain names each with many different extensions (.com, .net, .us, and hundreds more).

Domains are billed yearly at a flat rate. Information on our invoice will look similar to this:
Domain Registration for 1 year for

You will be billed every year for each domain name just like we are billed from ICANN when they are registered. Please understand related services are domain name, web hosting (where the website resides), and email. The relationship is as follows:

  • You CAN have domain names without email or web hosting (protecting company’s or business names). If you cancel domain names, you lose your and all related email.
  • You MUST have a domain name to have business web hosting (website).
  • You MUST have a domain name AND web hosting to have a business email such as (even if your website is not live or in progress)

Thanks again for your support and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or 859.912.2767