Follow up questions concerning Bitdefender defense strategy.

Bitdefender Premium Security Review | Trusted Reviews

Several people have questioned our defense strategy against viruses and ransomware using the Bitdefender Endpoint Security managed solution. We hope this article will answer some questions and help our customers understand our multi-level plan. Our plan is always to be very aggressive against virus and ransomware infections. We want to be very proactive and protective of all of our customers’ business systems.

Question 1: We received a virus alert from Cross Computers. We completed updates and a full scan, but no virus was detected. Why was nothing detected?
Answer: The answer is this is entirely normal. Our defense system is set up to attack viruses in three (3) ways. First, when detected, the system will attempt to fix the problem automatically. Second, the system will place the virus in quarantine (chest). Finally, delete the file completely. So, after detection, if the Bitdefender Endpoint Security managed solution handles the problem as it is designed, the virus will be gone. If a virus is gone, scans run after will detect nothing.

Question 2: So why is it necessary to run scans after detection?
Answer: As stated above, our recommendations will always be the best option for the customer’s protection. After infection, automatic removal is not 100% guaranteed in every situation. We would rather double and triple-check everything to be safe than have a virus or ransomware cause permanent damage to our customers’ businesses or data.