Free advice for avoiding scams from Cross Computers

Free advice for avoiding scams

We are sure this may be repetitive for some but hopefully helpful to others. We have had multiple scam attacks over the last week and wanted to post some free advice for avoiding this situation.

  • Microsoft, Google, Amazon (any reputable company) will not call you to work on your computer.
  • Reputable companies will not send emails that demand money or access to your computer.
  • If you do not know the person or you did not initiate the call, do not let them access your computer (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • NEVER give address, phone, email, credit card numbers, checking account numbers, tax ID numbers, bank routing numbers, social security numbers, any password, etc. to someone you do not trust completely.
  • Reputable companies will never post a “scary warning” on your screen forcing you to call them.
  • Ask person if you can call them back, they will immediately hang up or bail on scam since numbers they are using are not registered with any company.
  • Most of scammers are not based in US (another clue to keep in mind). Also, non US based scammers use fake names (such as someone from India saying their name is John Smith).
  • If you get warning page, our recommendation is to contact Cross Computers or turn off system until we (or someone reputable) can check the computer for viruses, key logging software, Trojans, etc.
  • If you have given a scammer access to your computer, please turn off computer and contact us immediately. We have found multiple instances where scammers have loaded key logging, viruses and other back door software on comprised computers. Also, while we are repairing the computer would be a great time to change personal information on your accounts. Account including (but not limited to): online shopping (Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s), online banking, stock trading, business accounts, school related charges, car related charges, online gaming (XBOX and PS4), utility and phone accounts, streaming TV services (Netflix, Hulu), streaming Music services (ITunes or Prime Music), gym memberships, etc.