Remote Access – Step by Step Instructions

To log in and connect to your PC:

After accepting the invitation (see New User setup) and completing the process to create their account, they can log in by opening their web browser and going to

Next, enter your credentials.

Once you are logged in, they’ll see a page listing the device(s) you granted them access to.

To connect to a device, they can hover their cursor over it and select one of the remote access methods you made available to them.

Click on the NinjaRemote icon.

Cross Computers remote access will be initiating connections via NinjaRemote. Each user must have the NinjaRemote app installed on the machine they are connecting from (one-time install). A link to download this software will be available when you attempt to initiate a connection.

Click on the link and download it the first time. We recommend the Download for Windows (64) as the first option, then (32) if needed.

Double-click “ncinstaller-x64.exe” to start the installation.

The following screen will appear:

Accept the agreement and click Install. Click Done.

Return to the main screen and click the NinjaRemote icon.

A new window will appear with complete access to your desktop. Each remote user will have full access to network drives, printers, internet connections, etc. When you are finished working, lock the computer and click Logout to close NinjaRemote.