RMM Schedule for Bitdefender and Windows Patching

Below is the schedule for updates and virus scanning. Every user must have all open files saved and closed. All applications also need to be closed but the computer should be logged in so programs can run as needed.

If you have an AV package (Antivirus only): 
Quick Scan: Every night at 9 PM
Full Scan: Every Tuesday AND Sunday at 10 PM
*If you do not leave the computer in the proper state (logged in with applications and files closed), it will run a scan the next morning (affecting your computer’s performance).

If you have a Complete package (Antivirus and Windows Patching): 
Antivirus schedule as shown above plus:
Windows patching scan: Every night at 1 AM
Windows patching install: Every Saturday at 7 PM
Windows patching reboot: Every Saturday at 11 PM