Send files up to 2.5GB for free with encryption and password protection – WOW!

Have you ever tried to email a file to someone, only for your mail service to tell you it is too big? Most email services and software restrict the size of file attachments. For example, Gmail and Yahoo limit the size of an attached file to 25MB.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send is a free transfer service from Mozilla that lets you share files from any browser on the PC. A beta version for Android is also available, though the app description warns that it might be unstable.

If you don’t sign in, you can share files as large as 1GB. If you sign in with a free Firefox account, Send allows files as hefty as 2.5GB. When you share a file via Send, the recipient receives a link to click and download it.

Firefox Send

Send applies end-to-end encryption to secure your shared file so it’s protected from the point you send it to the point it’s opened. You can control your file to determine when its link expires, how many times it can be downloaded, and whether someone needs a password to open it.

To use Firefox Send on your computer, browse to the Firefox Send page. If you don’t already have a Firefox Account, you can sign up for one there.

At the File Upload window, drag and drop files or select the files you wish to share from your computer.

Firefox Send Upload files

You can then decide on a few link-sharing security options, like whether the link will expire after a specific number of downloads or a certain amount of time.

A password can also be used to secure the files being sent. Check the box for Protect with Password and then type the password you want to use. Anyone who receives the link will need the password to access the file.

Firefox Send

When you upload files to Firefox Send, the service will encrypt the data and generate a link that can be shared. Multiple files are uploaded and packaged into a ZIP archive. Click the Copy link button to copy the link so you can paste it wherever it needs to go.

Firefox Send

When the recipient receives the link, they can download the files (unlocking them with a password, if necessary). You can also always return to the Firefox Send page to view your files, download them, copy the link again, or delete them.

Credit Lance Whitney from PC Magazine.