Tasks to complete weekly if you prefer not to use RMM Complete Service

In order to help our customers who decided the RMM complete service was not the best choice for their company, we have provided the following information. If after reviewing the list below, you or your company decide that a $1.25/week financial investment is a better option than spending an hour (or several) maintaining your computer, feel free to give us a call. We would suggest you check back often, we are sure the list will expand.

The list below is what we completed and recommended all customers complete EVERY WEEK in order of importance:

  • Download and install Windows Critical Security Updates
  • Download and install optional updates from Microsoft.
  • Download and install driver updates from Microsoft.
  • Download and install updates for Microsoft Office.
  • Run a full virus scan.
  • Reboot the computer every week at least once.
  • Download and install Java updates
  • Download and install Adobe updates
  • Download and install updates for any of the following programs you have installed: Chrome, iTunes, Air, Shockwave, CutePDF, Classic Start, 7-Zip