Windows 10 retirement date announced by Microsoft

  • July 26, 2023
150 150 Cross Computers

At Cross Computers, we are committed to long-term planning and management. So, while we understand that this is extended notice, it is crucial to begin the process due to the impact on business and budget. Microsoft has announced the date for Windows 10 operating system to be retired. As stated before, October 2025 seems to be so far in the future, but it will be here before we know it, especially if your company still needs to develop a migration plan.

Topics to consider:

  1. Security risks in unsupported technology.
  2. Age of the computer to determine if value dedicates an upgrade or replacement.
  3. Does your company have computers with Windows 11 upgrade as a free option? Is all company software compatible with Windows 11?


We are glad to start discussion and planning when your company is ready. We can provide current assets reports (most customers), migration planning, and budget assistance to comply with the stated deadline fully.